Orly Elyashar

Culinary instructor, recipe developer, and private chef Orly Elyashar was born in Tehran, Iran in 1977. Orly and her family fled Iran at the outset of the Iranian revolution. After many years of displacement, her family settled in Los Angeles in 1987. Despite the difficult challenges of immigration, financial hardships, and the unexpected and devastating loss of her father, Orly persevered and dove into the workforce at a very young age. She worked and attended school full time. Her days were very full and often overwhelming, but became the building blocks to her success. Orly attended FIDM, where she received a degree in Merchandise Marketing and product placement. Shortly thereafter, she became the youngest BCBG retail manager on Rodeo Drive and trainer at age 16. She then transitioned into dental and pharmaceutical sales at Discus Dental where she was a senior representative and trainer. At 23, she met her businessman husband Ben Elyashar and began building their lives together. Shortly after the birth of her second child, Orly realized her passion and true calling. Cooking, recipe development, and food styling became her focus and eventually, her career. She completed a Master Chef program at a prestigious private culinary school in Los Angeles, where she became a working and licensed Chef. She spent the following years studying Iranian recipes, food pairing, food chemistry, and visual food design. Today, she’s a mother of three and better known as “My Ghost Host” on Instagram. Her unique services include preparation, plating, and displaying food on the behalf of her clients, thus the term “Ghost Hosting”. She has an impressive list of celebrity and elite clients, whom she has cooked for and trained, but her true recognition came from her quick and simple daily videos and tutorials highlighting recipes in step by step frames to appease the visual learner. Her passion and genuine love of food have led her to share her talents and connect with people around the world. She’s currently writing a cookbook and continues to develop and research unique food recipes. She enthusiastically shares them with her very engaged and dedicated followers. Her motto is that “food is the greatest form of communication and the best way of connecting generations and building memories.” Her ultimate goal is to travel to Iran, study under local chefs, bring back her knowledge, and as always share her learning with others who share in the love of food and food culture.