Lior Ben-Hur

Lior Ben-Hur was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. For the last nine years his home base has been San Francisco, where he has been teaching music, Hebrew and Jewish identity classes in a variety of schools and congregations, emphasizing on the importance of music in education.

Lior has a San Francisco-based band, Sol Tevél, that integrates sounds, rhythms, and multilingual lyrics from around the globe in order to advocate building a strong, conscious and united community worldwide. In October 2012 Sol Tevél released their debut album, World Light, which aims to shed a new light and contemporary interpretation on old Jewish texts, ideals and mysticism. Lior’s new solo album, So I Wander, was released in February 2017.


Welcoming the Bride Modern Style

Welcoming the Bride Modern Style

Since I released my latest music video, "Boee Kala," many friends, fellow musicians, and community members have asked me questions regarding to the meaning of the song, its title, the choice of location for shooting the video as well as my personal connection to the text.