Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi

Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi is the author of the newly released memoir, The Wagamama Bride: A Jewish Family Saga Made in Japan. Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi is an artist, feature writer, a thirty-year resident of Japan, and more recently, a Jerusalemite. Her articles, spanning four decades, have covered key 20th and 21st-century movers and shakers in the world of Japan’s traditional arts, oriental medicine, and Eastern philosophy. Upon her return to a more traditional Jewish way of life, she has written about the complexities of the interfaith Jewish family today, her personal experiences in the Chabad Lubavitcher world movement, and Jewish Holocaust history in Japan. She is the mother of two children educated in Tokyo. Born in Montreal and raised in New York City, she holds a BA in art history from the University of Massachusetts and an MFA from Columbia University.