Gila Green

Canadian author Gila Green is an Israel-based writer, editor, and EFL teacher.

She’s the author of six novels:

With A Good Eye (click to pre order for 2024 release).


Luna Levi is an ordinary 19 year old with extraordinary problems. Her mother’s acting career is more important to her than the stage of real life. Her father struggles with PTSD as an ex-combat soldier and is equally MIA when it comes to his daughter. The Levis jump from financial crisis to financial crisis until in one-split second someone enters their lives and throws them into the biggest disaster of all. When Luna tries to warn her mother, she is pushed aside and it’s the first hint that her mother has every intention of going full steam ahead with a partner who lies – about everything.

Forthcoming 2025 The Inheritance 

If you were to walk away from your family, would you ever go back, even if you received a desperate text message? This question is at the core of Layne Bristol’s first dilemma in The Inheritance. After successfully escaping her con-artist parents and bully older brother, someone wants to suck Layne back into a life she’s abandoned, a life she’s still healing from in Toronto with the help of her therapist. This mysterious text hints that if she doesn’t return home immediately, the worst is yet to come. But why should she care if people she hasn’t seen for years are dead or alive? She’s betrayed first at work, then at home where she lives with her flirt-for-sport roommate, the news shattering her assumptions. The text won’t disappear. In The Inheritance, Layne has arrived at a pivotal crossroad. Which way should she choose?

White Zion, a novel-in-stories that migrates from Yemen to Ottoman Palestine to British Mandate and modern Israel (Cervena Barva Press, 2019), and Passport Control (S&H Publishing, 2018) that follows heroine Miriam Gil from Canada to Israel where she falls in love, discovers a family secret, finds herself unable to navigate her new surroundings, and gets wrapped up in a murder.

Her first young adult eco-fiction novel is No Entry , (Stormbird Press, Australia.) In this novel seventeen-year-old Yael Amar uncovers a deadly poaching ring in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The first in an environmental series that stresses the dangers of elephant poaching, No Entry is a must read for anyone who cares about the planet and animal conservation and introduces a Jewish eco-heroine. Her first novel is King of the Class (NON Publishing, Vancouver, 2013). This political satire imagines a post civil war, futuristic Israel divided into one secular and one Halachik state through the eyes of unhappily married Eve who must save her son from his kidnappers.

Gila’s short fiction appears in dozens of literary magazines in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Israel, Ireland, and Hong Kong including:  Arts & Letters, The Fiddlehead , Terrain.orgAkashic BooksSephardic HorizonsJewish FictionFiction Magazine, The Saranac Review, Arc Magazine, Many Mountains Moving, Noir Nation, Quality Women’s Fiction, The Dalhousie Review, Mom Egg Anthology, Tel Aviv Stories, Jane Doe Buys a Challah, The South Circular, Kunapipi, Yuan Yang Journal, Arc Magazine, 100 Pages of Canada, An Artistic Collaboration of Canadian Artists, Jewish Literary JournalThe Bookends Review,  Life as a Human, and Boston Literary Review.

Her short story Roller Coaster is part of a Chanukah anthology titled One for Each Night: The Greatest Chanukah Stories of All Time (New Vessel Press, NY, 2023). Malarkey Books has published an excerpt from her novel-in-progress The Inheritance.

Her latest poetry appears in Exiled Writers Ink.

In nonfiction, her work has appeared in DistinctionsThe MillionsTimes of IsraelLive, Write, Thrive; Writers Write; The Creative Penn; WOW-womenonwriting and Christi Craig among other writing sites and book blogs.

Her work has been short-listed for the Doris Bakwin Literary Award (Carolina Wren Press), WordSmitten’s TenTen Fiction Contest, twice for the Walrus Literary Award, and twice for the Eric Hoffer Best New Writing Award. Gila wrote the introduction to Doikayt, an anthology of short tabletop roleplaying games.

Gila’s fellowships include the Summer Literary Seminars Program (Montreal). She has lived in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem. Gila has been an SCBWI member and participated in the 2020 February Vancouver Jewish Book Festival. She has offered creative writing workshops through WOW-women on Writing, The American Sephardi Federation’s Institute of Jewish Experience and for Lounge Writers.

Sample list of books Gila has edited to publication on Reedsy.