Alex Barnett

Alex Barnett’s comedy is about family—specifically his family. As the White, Jewish husband of a Black woman (who converted to Judaism) and the father of a 2-year-old biracial son, he focuses his attention on the challenges of being a parent in a bad economy and the issues that confront interracial families, including the dynamics between members of the same family who are of different races.

Alex is the host of “Multiracial Family Man,” a weekly podcast that delves into issues confronting multiracial people and families. He has been seen on the Katie Couric Show, been featured on Sirius/XM Radio’s “Raw Dog Comedy,” NBC’s EVB Live, Bloomberg Law TV, ComedyTime TV, RT TV America and NYC–TV and in The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and

In addition to being a comedian, Alex is a lawyer, and he is a co-founding member of Comedians at Law, a group of lawyers-turned-comics who tour nationally.